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Planning and Paying for College - A newsletter with helpful tips on preparing for college.
Welcome to Planning and Paying for College, a newsletter that helps you easily navigate the often-confusing process of getting ready to go to college. Each issue provides links to tips and insightful information from College Answer®, Sallie Mae's award-winning "Going to College" website. Watch for Planning and Paying for College in your in-box each quarter.

Information for Current Juniors

Make the Most of Your Campus Visit
Quiet dorms? Active Greek life? State-of-the-art labs? The best way to get a sense of a school's vibe—and know how you're likely to fit in—is with a personal visit. Here are some tips on how to make your campus visits more productive.

Know Your EFC
Now Schools will use your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to determine your eligibility for student financial aid from various sources — federal, state, and your school. Calculate it now.

Information for Current Seniors

Keep Up Your Grades
The weather's nice…you've had good grades all through school…you're entitled to slack off at the end of your senior year, right? Think again.

How to Compare Award Letters and Find the Best Deal
Comparing award letters can be like comparing apples and… broccoli. Here's how to spot the best deal.

College Deadlines Are Looming. Make Sure You're Ready
When do you need to accept your award letter? What's the deadline for getting housing? We can help you stay on top of those endless pre-college deadlines.

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